For Addventa and its clients,
intelligence is not just artificial.

Along with you, our teams of business analysts, artificial intelligence engineers and linguistic experts develop operational solutions in order to:

  • Increase your revenue
  • Enhance productivity
  • Ensure compliance
  • Cut costs

They trust us

Bespoke solutions that
dialogue, reason and write

Automatic multilingual

Examples of completed projects

Branch performance report

From monthly outturns, the solution writes, for each branch, a performance analysis and an action plan.

Benefits: productivity and net banking income (NBI).

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Fund performance analysis

The solution applies the managers’ reasoning, and prepares, in several languages, the funds’ performance analysis reports.

Benefits: cost-cutting, conformance and time-to-market.

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Risk analysis

The solution applies the analysts’ reasoning, and drafts risk analyses in several languages.

Benefits: cost-cutting, conformance and time-to-market.

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Arbitrage recommendations

The solution analyses each client’s portfolio and risk profile data compared to the benchmark portfolios data, then writes personalised arbitrage recommendations in order to help clients to reduce their risk exposure.

Benefits: Net Banking Income and productivity

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Preparation of interviews with clients

From client data, the solution prepares the agenda of the meetings and lists in particular the relevant themes to be discussed with the client.

Benefits: productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Support to clients and employees

Examples of completed projects

MiFID 2 risk self-profiling

A virtual advisor assists the clients of the bank in defining their risk profile. A summary of each profile, complying with the MiFID 2 requirements, is drafted automatically.

Benefits: productivity and net banking income (NBI).

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Digital advisor for taking out property loans

The solution allows the customer to get online personalised answers to his (her) questions, the qualification of his (her) needs and get a first relevant proposal.

Benefits: Net banking income and productivity.

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Assistant for bank advisors to deal with client payment incidents

The solution analyses the client data and drafts written recommendations for each incident including arguments and customized questions intended for the client.

Benefits: productivity and risk mitigation.

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Digital agent to answer questions from users of the public service

The solution provides personalised answers to the questions of the public service users.

Benefits: cost-cutting, user satisfaction.

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Digital assistant for the claims process

The solution analyses the customer’s data and asks him (her) personalized questions to qualify the claim. The reply e-mail is written and sent in real time.

Benefits: productivity and customer satisfaction.

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An agile and cooperative

Technology is a means. Business stakes are essential.

Cooperative approach

Solutions are designed in workshops, along with your business and IT teams


Initial version available in less than 3 months. Continuous enhancement

Quick return on investment

Return on investment
in less than 9 months

Our team

Serge Baudin

CEO and co-founder

Serge started his career in large software vendors, system integrators and consulting firms (IBM, Oracle, Capgemini and PwC), where he held business development and advisory positions notably in the technological innovation area.

He is a graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Strasbourg) and holds an MBA from the Lyon Management School.

Lyubomyr Fedzhora

Consulting Director

Lyubomyr has more than 10 years of experience in the transformation and optimization of financial services for major players in the banking sector in Europe.

Lyubomyr has a double training in finance (SciencesPo Paris, Mines Paris and the Collège des Ingénieurs) and in foreign languages.

Fabien Giely

Chief Technology Officer

Fabien has been involved in the creation and development of the first NLG (Natural Language Generation) center of expertise dedicated to the banking industry for Société Générale. He has notably carried out research and development work in the field of natural language processing applied to banking services.

Fabien has an engineering degree from IMERIR in computer science and robotics and from the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown (Dublin, Ireland)

Nana von Bernuth

Strategic Committee

Nana is a program director at INSEAD, and is specialized in innovation, strategy and leadership. She supports officers of large multinational enterprises, such as Johnson & Johnson, Santander, Moody’s, LG Electronics, Starwood Hotels and EdF in connection with large conversion programs.

Nana holds an MBA from the Otto-Friedrich-Universität (Bamberg, Germany).

Laure de Coatgoureden

Projects and Operations Director


Laure was a consultant at Accenture for 12 years and has a solid experience in leading digital transformation projects in the financial sector with a major focus on marketing and commercial efficiency.

Since 2013, she has been implementing artificial intelligence solutions for her clients.

Laure is a graduate of Ecole de Management de Lyon and holds a Master’s degree in classic Literature from Sorbonne University.

Jacques Roger

Senior partner and co-founder

Jacques has implemented strategic transformation programs for large banking and insurance groups, particularly in the customer relationship management field.

Jacques was Chief Technlogy Officer of the Cartier Group and led major transformation programs of Société Générale retail banking.

Jacques is an engineer, graduate of ENSEEITH and of the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (Paris).

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